Why More Europeans Drive Diesel Cars

For decades, many Europeans have chosen diesel over gasoline engines when they purchase their cars. You might think it’s because they didn’t have a choice or because gasoline is more expensive in Europe, and both reasons might be true in some cases. Eurozone Motors understands, however, that there are additional benefits to driving diesel, and we offer them below for your consideration.

Yes, They Do Save Money on Fuel

Diesel engines get more miles to the gallon than gasoline engines do, which is probably why many Europeans choose to drive diesel. Although the cost of either fuel is about the same in the States if you purchase premium gasoline for your car, even if you purchase 87-octane gas, you might still save money in the end if you drive a diesel. It isn’t just the price tag at the pump that you must consider.

Diesel engines produce more power using less gas, which means diesel drivers get more out of a full tank. Diesel engines are designed to produce more torque, which is basically the amount of power your vehicle’s engine can produce. Because the torque is higher in a diesel engine, the engine itself requires less fuel to run efficiently. In other words, it doesn’t work as hard so it burns less fuel.

When you consider the cost difference between diesel and premium gasoline, which is generally about 10 cents maximum, you realize that you’ll pay less to keep your diesel tank full. Not only does the diesel engine get better gas mileage than vehicles that use premium gas such as luxury and sports cars, they also have smaller tanks. You’ll pay more to fill a luxury or sports tank than you will to fill a diesel tank.

Don’t be fooled, though. The full diesel tank will last as long if not longer than the premium tank and the same holds true for hybrids because you must consider the cost of electricity in the overall operating expense. In general, the annual expense to keep a hybrid fueled is $2,500 more than diesel. If you drive an all-electric car, you’ll be surprised to learn that the annual cost can be as high as $13,000 more.

More Value After Three Years

Another reason why Europeans prefer diesel vehicles is their resale value. Europeans might love luxury, but they also love more bang for their Euro when they decide to replace their diesel after 36 months. A study conducted by ALG brought about surprising results. After 36 months, resale value retention for gasoline compact cars was 53 percent, 55 percent for hybrid compacts, and 63 percent for diesels.

If you drive a diesel or are considering buying one, Eurozone Motors has the certified technicians to maintain and repair it. We are located in Los Angeles, CA, and you can reach us 323-928-7393.