Which European Auto Brands Did Well in 2020?

The automotive industry suffered last year, including the European automobile industry. This isn’t to say, however, that plenty of Americans didn’t head out to the dealer and purchase a brand-new car. Many did. The fourth-quarter numbers for 2020 are in, and these are the top European brands that sold in the United States from October to December. Eurozone Motors services them all.


BMW takes the top prize for fourth-quarter sales in 2020. Americans bought 98,750 BMWs between October and December. BMW has its largest manufacturing plant in the United States. The plant employs 11,000 people in Spartanburg, South Carolina. BMW is a very popular brand in the U.S.


Another popular brand is Mercedes-Benz, and many of their customers are loyal customers for life. Mercedes takes the second spot for sales with 95,310 cars sold between October and December 2020. Part of the sales were likely younger drivers purchasing more affordable Mercedes models new to the market.


Volkswagen is an iconic brand known for its vans and the Beetle in the 70s. These are still unbelievably popular cars. The German automobile manufacturer sold 94,122 VW’s in 2020s fourth quarter. Many people enjoy driving VW’s because they are compact, fuel-efficient, and easy to handle. They’re fun, that’s the bottom line.


Audi has been around for decades, but it is gaining a popular U.S. audience. You see more Audis on the road today than you did even 10 years ago. Although fewer than the first three manufacturers, Audi did sell 62,519 cars during the fourth quarter of 2020. It is moving up in the ranks and it’s a VW subsidiary.


When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing compares to a Volvo. This automobile manufacturer has been breaking the boundaries of vehicle safety technology since its inception in Sweden. Volvo sold 36,526 cars in the U.S. from October to December in 2020. This is a great car for teens due to its advanced safety technology and features.

Other Makes

Other makes that rounded out the top 10 include Land Rover, MINI, Porsche, and Jaguar, and as we said above, we service and repair all of these brands here in our Los Angeles European auto service shop. We are specialists in European automobiles, and we can ensure that your vehicle, no matter the brand or model, runs as efficiently, safely, and reliably as it can.

Look no further than Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, for all of your European automobile service needs.

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels via Canva Pro