What Is Your Tailpipe Exhaust Telling You?

What is your tailpipe exhaust telling you? If you can’t see it, it’s telling you everything is okay – at least with the exhaust. If you can see it, you may have a problem brewing in the engine or in the exhaust system. Eurozone Motors specializes in European automobiles, and we can determine why your automobile has an exhaust problem and help you decide the best action plan to fix it. Here is what your exhaust is telling you depending on the color of smoke you see coming out of the tailpipe.

Black Smoke

Even if your European machine is a diesel, you shouldn’t see a ton of black exhaust coming out of the exhaust pipe or pipes, even when you step on the accelerator from a dead stop. If you do see black exhaust, it’s best to pull over to safety and call for a tow, especially if you see a lot of black smoke. Black exhaust smoke means your vehicle is burning gasoline somewhere in the engine or exhaust system, and this can get dangerous if it burns too much fuel.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes is also a bad sign. When your automobile burns excess gasoline or diesel fuel, you will see black smoke. When your vehicle burns motor oil, you will see blue smoke. If your European automobile is burning oil, you probably have a serious leak somewhere, as oil is always encased. Anytime the oil level gets low in the engine, you run the risk of damaging it severely when you drive without the proper amount of oil. 

White Smoke

White smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes (and from underneath the hood) can really be a sign of vehicle death, unfortunately. Usually, the cause of white exhaust smoke is engine coolant, which has sprayed out from underneath the head gasket and is burning in the engine. You know where we’re going with this, don’t you. If you have coolant burning in your engine, your vehicle’s head gasket has probably cracked and, yes, this repair can very pricey. 

If you believe that your European automobile is releasing more exhaust than it should be and the exhaust is any of the colors we’ve talked about above (you needn’t worry about the steam you see on cold mornings), call Eurozone Motors at 323-928-7393. We are located in Los Angeles, CA, and we’d be happy to inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system and make any necessary repairs to get everything back to normal. We specialized in European automotive service.

Photo by algre from Getty Images via Canva Pro