What Are The Rules For Driving On The Autobahn?

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If you’re an existing Eurozone Motors customer, you know we love all things European when it comes to automobile technology. If you’re not an existing customer, we love all things European when it comes to automobile technology. Here’s another we thing love: the Autobahn. If you’ve never driven it, you must add it to your bucket list. Seriously. The experience of driving on this high-speed German highway is like none other. Here are a few rules you’ll need to follow once you hop on the Autobahn.

Obey the Speed Laws

Contrary to popular belief, the Autobahn does have speed limits. There are areas where you can drive as fast as you want, but the highway slows down near major cities. For example, you will notice speed limit signs once you near Berlin, Frankfurt, or Munich among others, and it would behoove to obey those speed limits no matter what. The authorities take the Autobahn driving rules very seriously.

All is not lost, however. Even through the major cities, the Autobahn oftentimes allows drivers to fly at 80 MPH. If there is traffic, bad road conditions, or inclement weather, the speeds might be reduced to as slow as 50 MPH, but don’t worry. They’ll pick up again once things lighten up. Throughout the Autobahn, a dynamic speed limit is honored. This means it adjusts to ensure all drivers remain safe.

Entering, Exiting, Stalls

You cannot just hop onto the Autobahn from anywhere, you must use the appropriate entry and exit intersections. You also can’t pull over to the shoulder to check that text message that just came in, and you definitely don’t want to check it while you’re driving at such high speeds. The shoulder is only for vehicles that have broken down. It cannot be used for anything else.


Pedestrians are never allowed on the Autobahn, nor are people riding bicycles or mopeds. This is a high-speed thoroughfare, and anything other than an automobile is too dangerous. With drivers going over 100 MPH, there isn’t enough time to stop for a pedestrian, and bicycles and mopeds cannot safely keep up. Don’t get out of your vehicle on the Autobahn or think you can cruise it on foot.

Traffic Flow

You may only head forward when on the Autobahn. You cannot park, back your vehicle up, or flip a u-turn. You are also not allowed to pass vehicles using the right lane. If you want to pass a car, you must do so using a left lane. If the Autobahn is crowded, drivers are required to drive on the right and left-hand sides of the highway to allow room for emergency vehicles to drive down the middle.

Finally, you cannot run out of fuel on the Autobahn; it’s illegal. Here in the States, Eurozone Motors will keep your European automobile in Autobahn-worthy shape. We are located in Los Angeles, CA, and you can call us at 323-928-7393.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay