Unusual Car Odors What’s The Cause

It’s only natural that a combustion engine will produce a myriad of different smells. However, if your nose notices something out of the ordinary, it could be a sign of serious trouble. If you start to notice unusual odors coming from your car, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle checked out immediately. Different smells can mean different things, but they almost always certainly mean that you’ll need to have your vehicle repaired. Check out some of the most common unpleasant scents that come from vehicles along with what the problem might be.

Stinky Car Smells

Whether it’s mild or overpowering, icky smells are a sign of trouble when it comes to your vehicle. Never ignore these smells because they are a sign or symptom of an underlying problem that will require further diagnosis. Here are a few typical smells along with what they could possibly mean:

  • Burning rubber: The overpowering aroma of burning rubber is certainly unpleasant. Usually, this means that you could have a slipping drive belt or a loose hose. When these components run against metal or a rotating object, it creates that horrible burnt rubber smell.
  • Hot oil: This one is rathe serious. If the oil is leaking into your exhaust system, get it checked out right away. You can check for any leaking oil under the pavement after you’ve parked your car, and keep an eye out for thick smoke coming out of your engine.
  • Gasoline: A strong smell of gas is typically a sign that you have a gas leak somewhere. It might be caused by a leak in your actual gas tank, or it could be the result of a problem with your fuel injector line. This smell should be assessed right away since leaking gas is a potentially dangerous fire hazard.
  • A sweet, syrupy smell: You probably wouldn’t think that a car could smell sweet, but this sickly-sweet aroma is a sign of trouble. If you notice a syrup-like smell, it could be related to a leak somewhere in your cooling system.
  • Rotten eggs: Of course, the smell of rotten eggs is disgusting, but it also means that you might have an issue with the catalytic converter. This fragrance is often associated with general engine trouble, so get it checked out ASAP.

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