Tips to Help You Deal With Los Angeles Traffic

Los Angeles, California is famous for a lot of things and traffic is, unfortunately, one of them. We have amazing weather year-round, you can go to the beach one day and then ski the next, you might also spot some celebrities if you know where to look, but because of this allure, we are seriously overcrowded. How can you deal with LA traffic better? Eurozone Motors has some suggestions that might help.

Get Your Zen On

Before you hit the road, take some deep breaths and leave early. No matter where you’re headed in LA or what time you’re on the road, you’re going to hit traffic, so give yourself plenty of time. Do whatever it takes to keep you calm and if caffeine makes you edgy, don’t swing through Starbucks before your commute. Grab a caffeine-free beverage instead and put on your favorite audiobook and music.

Know Where You’re Headed

If this is your first time going somewhere in LA, map it out prior to walking out the door. Don’t rely on your vehicle or phone navigation system. Check the route manually and also find alternate routes in case there’s construction or a sigalert, both of which happen frequently in LA. If you’re heading out to run several errands, plan the most efficient route to get everything done without driving back and forth.

Check the Traffic

Again, because we’re in LA, we have news stations, radio stations, and online traffic websites that talk about traffic all day long. Check the traffic before you leave your house and if you do see a lockdown on the 101, 405, 10 or other freeways, take that alternate route you found when you followed the tip above. Use your GPS in the car, too, (even if you know where you’re going) if it provides traffic warnings.

Stay Focused

We know we said put your favorite audiobook or music on for the drive but don’t blast it. You’re on the road behind the wheel and it’s crucial you pay close attention to what’s going on in front and around you. Los Angeles drivers can be aggressive because, well, we’re all stuck in traffic. Turn off your phone notifications and keep distractions to a minimum so you don’t become the cause of a sig alert.

Finally, drive safely and make sure everyone in the car has their seatbelts on. Eurozone Motors is in Los Angeles, CA, and we’ll make sure your European vehicle can handle the LA traffic. Schedule maintenance and repairs by calling us today.

Image by Jsig9 from Pixabay