Six Preventative Maintenance Services Designed to Extend the Life of Your European Automobile

It’s tough driving around Los Angeles. We’ve got a lot of stop-and-go traffic, even on surface streets. This driving condition is hard on your European automobile’s engine, which was designed to open up on fast highways. Eurozone Motors can protect your car’s engine against the L.A. traffic with preventative maintenance that is designed to help you get more life out of your automobile.

1. Oil Changes

Your owner’s manual will recommend conventional or synthetic motor oil for your automobile, the proper weight, and how often you should have this oil changed, i.e. conventional every 3,000 miles and synthetic every 7,500 miles. Get the oil changed frequently to keep your engine cool and lubricated. Have your other automotive fluids when recommended, as well.

2. Belts/Hoses

An annual check of the belts and hoses usually does the trick. When it’s time, definitely have your timing belt changed, usually at 60,000 miles. If this belt breaks, you could end up with catastrophic engine damage. Belts should be changed at the recommended mileage milestones or when they show signs of loosening or wear. Hoses should be changed at the first sign of wear.

3. Tires

Tire services include regular rotation and wheel balance and alignment. A good rule of thumb for tire rotation is every 5,000 miles. You should have the wheels balanced at each rotation, as well. You can hold off on wheel alignment – unless you knock the wheels out of alignment – until you get a new set of tires or every two years, whichever happens first.

4. Filters

The oil filter is replaced at every oil change. Your air filter should be changed every 12,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. You also need the fuel filter changed every 24,000 miles or every two years, whichever comes first. The cabin’s air filter can be changed using the same schedule as the air filter unless you do a lot of driving that draws dirt into your car.

5. Battery

You can count on a brand new car battery to last you three or four years. After that, it’s touch-and-go. Inspect an older battery monthly to make sure there isn’t any corrosion or signs of bubbling, swelling, or cracking on the battery case. If you have the tools, test the voltage to see how much of a charge it can hold. We can test it for you if you’d like us to.

6. Spark Plugs

Few auto parts have a wider range of maintenance durations than the spark plugs. Older cars with older spark plugs need them changed every 30,000 miles. Newer cars with newer plugs can go as long as 100,000 miles before the plugs need changing. Check your owner’s manual for your mileage duration and get the plugs changed when they need it.

Call Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule an appointment for your European automobile’s factory-scheduled preventative maintenance services.