Signs You Have Fuel Pump Trouble

The fuel pump pumps gas out of the tank and into the engine. This crucial part regulates how much gas heads into the engine to meet driving demand. When you accelerate to pick up speed, the fuel pump sends more gas; when you slow down, it reduces the gas. Your vehicle cannot run without a healthy fuel pump, and Eurozone Motors says the following are signs your fuel pump is in trouble.

High-Speed Sputters

If your engine sputters at high speeds it means it’s not getting enough gasoline to meet the speed demand. The fuel pump should consistently supply gasoline to the engine while your vehicle is running. If it doesn’t, your engine will act as if it’s running out of gas, even when you’re driving 55 mph.

Overheating and Stalling

Sometimes, your vehicle might overheat because of the fuel pump instead of the radiator. Usually, if the cause of the rising engine temperature is the fuel pump, your car, truck, or SUV will also stall. Consistent overheating and stalling means your engine is working too hard because it isn’t getting enough gas.

Low Fuel Pressure

Grab a family member or friend and head out to your car. Have that person rev your engine while you check your fuel pressure gauge. If your fuel pressure reads lower than your manufacturer’s recommendations (check your owner’s manual), your fuel pump may be dying.

Power Loss

Does your vehicle lose power when you drive up a hill? Does your truck lose power when you haul a heavy load? Both of these signs indicate your motor might be fuel-starved due to a failing fuel pump. A slight change in power is expected at times, but significant power loss is not normal.

Automobile Surges

Imagine you’re driving along and all of a sudden your vehicle picks up significant speed even though you didn’t press down on the accelerator. Sudden surges forward are sometimes caused by fuel pump motor failure. The resistance within the motor is irregular and causes surges to occur by themselves.

Gas Mileage Decrease

The harder your engine must work the more fuel it will burn. If your fuel pump is not regulating the flow of gas into the engine, you’ll notice a significant increase in your fuel consumption. Don’t waste money at the gas station. Have efficiency decreases investigated to find out what’s wrong with your car.

Finally, if your engine refuses to start but your battery is fine, it’s probably not getting gas. Call Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, at 323-928-7393 to set up a fuel-pump inspection.

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