New Year’s Resolution For Your European Vehicle

As the holiday season winds down and the ushering in of 2020 is imminent, you are probably thinking about how you will make next year the best year yet. Many of us decide on resolutions that deal with finances, weight, or overall health. But have you ever thought about including your car in your list of resolutions? With as much time as you spend in your European vehicle every day, it only makes sense to commit to improving your driving habits and maintenance routine in the new year. When you sit down to make your resolutions this year, Eurozone Motors recommends adding these driver resolutions to your list for 2020.

Brush Up On Your Traffic Laws

Do you remember when you took the written driving test? You probably studied for hours to memorize each individual traffic law. How many are you confident that you remember now? Driving is second nature to most of us, but the truth is that many of us have forgotten some of the things we don’t encounter every day and some of the basics. This year take an hour to sit down and refresh yourself on things like what to do at a four-way stop, what happens when a traffic light is flashing red or yellow, and proper use of the right and left lanes.

Don’t Drive Distracted

This should go without saying. Anytime you are behind the wheel you should be alert, focused, and have your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. If you haven’t already, invest in a hands-free device for the times when you need to make calls while you are driving. If you have to send a text message, ask a passenger to do it for you or pull over into a safe parking area.

Show Your Car Some Love

Drivers of European vehicles take pride in the look and performance of their cars. We get it. There is a reason that we are European auto specialists. This year make the promise to maintain the appearance of your vehicle by keeping it clean inside and out.

European vehicles are not coveted based on just their looks, but also their performance. Make sure your European car is performing the best that it can by staying on top of your regular maintenance schedule. Oil changes, tune-ups, and inspections are all important to maintaining the integrity and performance of your vehicle.

The team at Eurozone Motors wants to wish you and your loved ones happiness, peace, and prosperity in the coming year. For all of your European auto repair and service needs, call or come see us today.

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