Key Vehicle Suspension Parts and What They Do

Your European automobile’s suspension is made up of many parts and all of them play a critical role in how your vehicle handles the road. When one of these parts goes bad, you’ll feel it. In some cases, you may not be able to drive your lean, mean European machine. Eurozone Motors wants to talk about automobile suspension parts in this blog post, because they are important and often ignored.

Coil Springs

Along with your struts, coil springs help your vehicle’s suspension system absorb the impact of road bumps and potholes. These springs, or metal rods if that’s what your automobile has, bend when you run over things, which prevents you from feeling the full bounce in the vehicle cabin.


Tires and the wheels they are mounted on are one of the outside and visible suspension system components. Tires are the only part of your European automobile that actually touch the road. This is why it’s crucial you keep them rotated, balanced, and replace them when the tread is worn.

Shocks and/or Struts

Most vehicles today only use struts; however, some use a combination of struts on the front wheels and shocks on the back wheels. Either way, these parts work with the springs to make sure you never feel how bumpy a road actually is. Shocks and struts also help your tire tread grip the road.


If you’ve ever broken a rod, you know that’s instant vehicle death. Metal rods link your vehicle’s suspension together, and they are built to last as long as your automobile does. They can be broken in an automobile accident, and they can also break on older (way older) cars.

Bearings, Bushings, and Joints

It’s the bearings, bushings, and joints (oh, my!) that link the smaller suspensions parts to the bigger suspension parts. They tie the rods to the bigger components. The bearings and bushings also allow the movement that your vehicle suspension needs for navigation and road absorption.


The steering system is an indirect part of your European automobile’s suspension and can you imagine what you would do without it? Not only does your steering wheel help your wheels make turns when you need them to, it also controls the joints, linkages, and tie rods.


Finally, the rest of your automobile sits on the suspension frame. This is your car, crossover, or truck’s skeleton, if you will. The frame (along with a few suspension parts) must be built to handle the weight of the vehicle’s engine, interior, and exterior, which, as you can imagine, is quite a load.

There you have it! Vehicle suspension 101. Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, can keep your European automobile’s suspension in tiptop shape. Call us today at 323-928-7393.

Photo by Tarasov_vl from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro