Is My BMW’s Mass Airflow Sensor Going Bad?

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor is the auto part that keeps track of how much air flows into your BMW’s engine. Your Beemer’s engine will suffer performance problems if there is too much air or too little air in it. Eurozone Motors explains that one thing that could be causing a marked difference in the amount of air being pushed into the combustion chamber is a faulty MAF sensor. Here are signs your BMWs MAF sensor is going bad.

Acceleration Sluggishness

If too little air is being pushed into the combustion chamber, your BMW will not respond when you press down on the accelerator. You may notice that it won’t respond at all, or it might sputter a bit before the engine picks up speed.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Too little air can also cause a rich fuel mixture. This means there is too much gas in the combustion chamber and your engine has no choice but to burn it off. This can cause black exhaust smoke to flow out of your BMW’s tailpipes.

Dashboard Warning Light

An imbalance between the air and fuel found in the combustion chamber oftentimes turns on the check engine light on the dashboard. This is your first clue that there is something wrong in the engine, even if you don’t notice any of the other signs in this blog post.

Engine Hesitation or Surging

When the fuel mixture is lean, your engine will hesitate even after it picks up speed when you accelerate. You will feel it hiccupping along. If the fuel mixture is rich, i.e., too much gas, your engine will surge as it burns the excess fuel.

Hard Starts

It might also get difficult to start your BMW. This is because there is an imbalance in the air and fuel in the combustion chamber. A faulty MAF can cause this imbalance, as can a faulty oxygen sensor or problems with your vehicle’s fuel system.

Poor Fuel Economy

Over time, as the MAF gets worse, you will notice that your vehicle starts to burn gasoline and you end up having to fill up more often. Again, this is because the engine has no choice but to burn off the excess gas when the fuel mixture is rich.

Rough Idling

Finally, your BMW should always idle smoothly, and if it doesn’t, you may have a faulty MAF. As with all of the other signs above, the issue lies in the mixture of air and gasoline that is in the combustion chamber. If the mixture is off, the engine may struggle while it is idling.

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Photo by FroggyFrogg from Getty Images via Canva Pro