Driving Tips Provided by the NHTSA to Keep You Safe This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s important to keep in mind how dangerous this weekend is if you plan to hit the road. On average, 300 to 500 people die in automobile accidents over Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Safety Council. Even worse, nearly 50,000 people are injured. How can you stay safe? Eurozone Motors shares safety tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure you don’t become a statistic.

Don’t Speed

We love to drive fast in Los Angeles, CA, but it’s a good idea to drive at the posted speeds over Thanksgiving weekend. There are a ton of drivers on the road and sticking to the speed limits keeps you safe amongst the chaos. Drive the speed limit and slower than the posted restriction if you need to be extra cautious, e.g. it’s pouring outside and it’s hard to see.

No Distractions

Texting, talking on the phone, switching radio stations, adjusting the temperature, playing with the GPS, all of these things take your eyes off the road and distract you from your driving. The NHTSA puts it this way: If you look away for 5 seconds at a driving speed of 55 mph, you will travel the length of a football field, 100 yards, without your eyes on the road ahead of you.

Fasten Those Seatbelts

You know seatbelts save lives, 14,955 in 2017 to be exact, so make sure everyone – including you – buckles up before you back out of the driveway. Fasten the seatbelts properly, as well. It’s tempting to move the shoulder restraint underneath your armpit because it’s bugging you, but don’t do it. Should you get into an accident, you’ll slam your head into your steering wheel.

Use Child Seats

Unless your children are old enough and big enough to finally get out of their child seats, use them. Don’t give in to any whining or begging. These seats will save your children’s lives, so make sure to secure the seats properly in the car and the kids properly in the seats. Make sure the seats are the right size for each child, as well, to avoid potential injury.

No Booze or Drugs

Many people enjoy wine with their Thanksgiving dinners and, yes, recreational marijuana is legal in California. This does not mean you can get behind the wheel after either or both. It’s not worth a DUI or tragic accident to drive under the influence of any listed substance. Don’t drive while intoxicated or impaired. Don’t drive when you’re super tired, either.

Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Bring your European automobile in for a checkup before you head out on your holiday travels.

Photo by LPETTET from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro