Does Your European Car Have Dirty Fuel Injectors?

European automobiles are big on performance, but dirty or clogged fuel injectors can let you down in a hurry. It might be tempting to use OTC fuel injector cleaners, but these are not as effective in restoring your engine’s performance as a fuel injection service here at Eurozone Motors. These are the signs your European beauty’s fuel injectors are getting clogged and you’re on the road to bigger problems.

You’ve Got Warning Lights on the Dash

Dashboard warning lights are always something to pay attention to. If your fuel injectors need some attention, you might see the check engine light come on. This is because clogged or dirty fuel injectors keep your car’s engine from getting the proper mix of fuel and air, which can damage the engine.

You’re Noticing Vibrations

When your car is misfiring and basically not getting enough fuel, you might feel that through the wheel in the form of engine vibrations. You might also find that the car is louder or idling more roughly when you’re sitting still. These are signs you need to look more closely at what’s happening.

Your Car’s Gas Mileage Is Suffering

Maybe you just filled up the tank and it seems like you’re turning around way too quickly to head back to the gas station. Start tracking your gas mileage, and if it’s declining, that’s an indication that there’s something wrong. When the fuel injectors are clogged, your engine works harder and uses gas inefficiently.

You Can Smell Gas

Sometimes dirty fuel injectors cause gas to leak in a variety of areas. That means that gas may be in other parts of the engine where it doesn’t normally go. You might smell gas, which is not a good sign. Remember that gas is highly flammable and smelling it in your engine can be very bad news.

Your Car Is Stalling

As the engine’s performance gets worse, you might also notice other problems like your car starting to stall more often. Part of what’s happening is that the engine isn’t getting enough fuel, which is slowing it down. Slowed down too much, the engine can’t keep itself going and you experience stalls.

You’ve Failed an Emissions Test

Emissions tests look at the mix of fuel and air in your car’s exhaust output. If there’s too much fuel in the exhaust, then your car will fail the emissions test. It’s also a big indication that your car’s fuel injectors aren’t functioning properly. Your check engine light may also be on and cause the smog check failure.

If you think your European automobile’s fuel injectors are clogged or leaking, contact us here at Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll inspect your vehicle and fix it so it runs like new.

Photo by piggypa from Getty Images via Canva Pro