Do We Need to Use Synthetic Motor Oil in Los Angeles?

If you check the owner’s manual of your European automobile, you will likely see synthetic motor oil recommended at each oil change, but do we need to worry about that here in L.A.? Isn’t synthetic motor oil only for places with freezing temperatures? Not necessarily, especially when you drive a high-performance vehicle. Eurozone Motors explains why it’s a good idea to use synthetic oil in your car, especially when you drive all around Los Angeles, California.

European Automotive Performance

One reason why so many people prefer to drive European automobiles is that they perform better. These vehicles are engineered for superior control and handling at high speeds, and their engines are designed to handle those speeds while conserving gasoline. Many European manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche recommend synthetic motor oil for their automobiles because the oil stands up better to the demands of turbocharged performance and driving.

Los Angeles Driving Conditions

Those of us here in L.A. only wish we could drive as fast as those who enjoy The Autobahn. Our freeways and city streets are congested no matter what time of day you drive. Stop-and-go traffic is not only frustrating, but it is also hard on your engine. This is another reason why we recommend synthetic motor oil for your car. Synthetic oil stands up to engine heat better, and when you sit in L.A. traffic, your engine gets hot because there isn’t any air flowing through it. Synthetic oil stands up to traffic.

Extreme L.A. Heat

Depending on where you live or drive in L.A., you might also suffer through some seriously hot summers. Downtown Los Angeles and the beach areas are much cooler in the summer than inland. The San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Antelope Valley see temperatures above 100 degrees throughout the summer months, and synthetic motor oil stands up to that heat much better than conventional oil does, especially when you’re stuck in traffic in the afternoon.

Benefits of Living in L.A.

This being said, one of the benefits of living in Los Angeles is you can go to the beach one day and then go skiing the next. We have it all here in the City of Angels, and people drive for enjoyment, too. If you love to hike or hit the slopes in the San Gabriel Mountains, synthetic oil will help protect your car’s engine on the winding mountain roads. It isn’t uncommon for people to drive all over the county on their days off, heading to the beach, lake, or mountains, so protect your European automobile.

Schedule an oil change at Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, and let us put synthetic motor oil in your car to protect it better.

Photo by Artem_Egorov from Getty Images via Canva Pro