Car Diagnostic Tests Find Hidden Problems

We here at Eurozone Motors have vast experience in servicing and repairing European automobiles, but some things are not visible to the naked eye. This is why we rely on diagnostic testing. Vehicle diagnostic checks work with your car’s onboard computer sensor system to find problems that would otherwise be impossible to diagnose. A recent study showed that computer diagnostic checks found hidden problems in 80 percent of the vehicles tested. Let’s dive into this further.

Study Basics

The subject study was conducted here in California last year. The study tested a total of 5,642 automobiles to see what the results of the diagnostic checks would reveal. On average, vehicles returned six repair issues that were not visible to an experienced mechanic’s naked eye, and 80 percent of the vehicles that were tested returned issues that required repairs. Vehicle owners should not doubt their mechanics, as the issues identified could not be diagnosed by a visual inspection only.

Specific Study Results

Today’s European automobiles are amazing machines with onboard computer systems designed to find any problem and report it. Each vehicle system and many system parts have sensors that report back to the main computer chip. When a sensor reports a problem, the main chip alerts the driver using a series of dashboard warning lights. If a system or part does not have its own warning light, the Check Engine light will come on, and 32 percent of the test cars had an existing check engine warning.

In this grouping, the average repair cost for the check engine light warning issue was $722, and there were 300 different codes reported in the diagnostic checks. Besides, the study showed

  • The mass airflow sensor was the most commonly reported problem, with the manifold absolute pressure sensor also returning more problems than the other sensors
  • 68 percent of the vehicles didn’t have a check engine light, but of those vehicles, 74 percent returned one or more error codes pointing to system problems
  • Aside from the mass air flow and manifold absolute pressure sensor, the other common error codes returned included faulty
    • Body control modules
    • Transmission control modules
    • Instrument panel clusters
    • Powertrain control modules
    • Engine control modules

Other less common error codes returned from the diagnostic checks revealed issues with the adaptive cruise control and headlight systems, safety alert system, and backup cameras.

Now you know why Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, uses diagnostic checks in our European auto maintenance and repair services. These checks show us problems we wouldn’t otherwise see with our trained eyes. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by BHFoton from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro