Bring Your European Vehicle in for an Electrical Inspection if You Notice These Five Things

Your European automobile has an extensive electrical system that is crucial to its operation. If any part of the electrical system fails, components could also fail or you may find yourself unable to start your car at all. Eurozone Motors is your one-stop-shop for all things European automotive – service, that is. We’d be happy to inspect your electrical system if you experience any of the following five signs there is something wrong with it. Here’s what to look for.

You Smell Burning

Because your vehicle’s engine generates tremendous heat and, if a gasoline engine, sparks for combustion, all electrical wiring is encased in rubber or plastic insulation. When a wire shorts, it pulls more voltage from the alternator than it needs, which increases its heat. If hot enough, you might smell burning rubber or plastic because the wire’s insulation is melting.

Your Lights Are Dim

Imagine you get into your car late at night. You notice the center dome light seems less bright as you slide into the driver’s seat. You start your vehicle and your dashboard and center console lights seem dull. You turn on your headlights and they’re dimmer than normal. This is a sign of an electrical problem and a very common sign at that. It could be the alternator, battery, or wiring.

Your Components Don’t Work

Your vehicle’s components, such as the GPS system, the entertainment system, and the power seats and windows all use electricity. Signs that there’s an electrical problem in your European automobile might include problems with these components. For example, you might be driving along and your GPS drops and shuts down. You may also be unable to operate your power windows or adjust your seat.

Your Battery Is Leaking

Car batteries last three years on average but usually a bit longer. Your vehicle’s battery is part of the electrical system and one sign that it’s having a problem is corrosion. As a battery ages, its case might warp, bubble, or crack – this is bad! Signs you have an acid leak usually point to the battery terminals in the form of white or bluish corrosion on them and the cable connections.

Your Car Is Dead

Finally, you get into your vehicle, turn the key, and fight for it to crank, turn over, and start. Houston, you have a problem and it’s probably electrical. Sometimes, you can get your vehicle started eventually; other times, you’re dead in the water so to speak. Usually, you’ll experience some of the other signs listed above before your vehicle dies completely, so stay alert for them.

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Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro