Auto Shop Perks You Shouldn’t Live Without

People dread taking their vehicle to the service shop because it’s such an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be. These days, it’s reasonable to expect more from an auto service shop. Yes, mechanics such as those found at Eurozone Motors should be experienced and certified, and, yes, you should always trust your mechanic. Why not get a little bit more out of the deal, however? Look for these perks when finding a place to have your European automobile maintained and repaired.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Service

Traffic in Los Angeles is bad all of the time. Especially in the downtown and Hollywood areas. Drivers need to drop-off their vehicles and pick them up quickly so they can go about their day, but the best auto service shops in LA provide drop-off and pick-up service to make their customers’ lives easier. 

Rental Cars

You cannot live without a car in LA. Well, you can, but it’s super inconvenient, which is why free rental cars are another perk an auto service shop should offer to its Los Angeles customers. Some vehicle repairs take days. Drivers who don’t have free rental service through their insurance need other options.


Nothing tells a customer he or she is appreciated more than a clean and comfortable waiting area with coffee and Wi-Fi. Many customers choose to wait for their vehicles, as they are only having routine maintenance performed. Coffee and Wi-Fi make the auto service shop feel like Starbucks.


New auto parts come with limited manufacturer warranties. In other words, the part will be replaced for free if it fails prior to a specific mileage milestone. What about after that milestone? What about labor? The best auto service shops in LA offer their customers limited warranties on parts and labor.

Why Settle for Less?

You might think some of all of the above isn’t really necessary but you deserve the best. An auto shop customer is not different from any other customer. He or she deserves to be treated with respect. Just as you wouldn’t put up with subpar service in your favorite restaurant, don’t put up with subpar service from your automobile mechanic. You deserve the best so don’t settle for less.

Eurozone Motors is located in Los Angeles, CA, and you can reach us at 323-928-7393. We are the premier European automobile service shop in LA, and we’d be happy to discuss your automotive service and repair needs. You’ll find us on Sunset Boulevard between N. Serrano Avenue and Hobart Boulevard.

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