Five Types Of Leaks To Watch For In An Older Car

As cars rack up the mileage, system parts wear down and start to leak. The older your car is the greater the chances of this happening. There’s no way to avoid it. Thankfully, Eurozone Motors can help. We service and maintain European automobiles to replace parts before they leak and replace parts when they leak. Here are some of the most important leaks to be aware of in your older European automobile.

1. Transmission Fluid Leaks

If transmission fluid is leaking, you’re most likely to see this roughly under the center of the car. The fluid itself might be any color from bright red to dark brown and is slightly greasy. This fluid is what helps your transmission’s gears to shift smoothly, so it’s bad news if you’ve got a leak big enough to leave spots or even puddles underneath your vehicle.

2. Coolant Leaks

Engine coolant helps to keep everything from overheating. The cooling system is a lot larger than you might think, encompassing the radiator, a variety of hoses and tubes, and your water pump. Leaks or holes in any of these areas cause you to lose valuable coolant. If you’re replacing your coolant often, you’ve got a leak somewhere in the system.

3. Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid is what builds up pressure to give your car stopping power when you hit the brake pedal. If you’ve got a steady leak of brake fluid, you might have a hole that’s big enough to allow air in the brake lines, too, and that also impedes braking power. You might notice brake fluid around or under the corners of your car near the wheels.

4. Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Most cars with power steering use hydraulic power steering, which means power steering fluid. The power steering components aren’t as far-ranging as the cooling system, so if you’ve got a leak, it’s likely to be fairly close to the power steering pump. There are a variety of seals and rings that can get old and brittle, making a leak more likely.

5. Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are probably the most common type of leak in an older car, and it’s not a great one to have. Your car’s engine oil is the crucial piece in keeping the engine pieces moving smoothly without catching. If oil is leaking out, especially via a big leak, that means that your car’s engine isn’t getting the help it needs and you may end up having to replace your engine.

Need a leak diagnosed in your car? Contact us at Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll fix the leak and get you back on the road again.