5 Signs it’s Time for a New Alternator

Does your European automobile need a new alternator? If it’s exhibiting any of the five signs below, it just might. Eurozone Motors is happy to test your alternator to make certain it’s working as it should be. If it isn’t, we can replace it. Here are five signs you need a new alternator or you’ll need a new one soon, and you won’t want to ignore these symptoms as you won’t be able to start your vehicle if your alternator dies or is otherwise failing in its duty to generate electricity.

Light Problems

Your automobile’s alternator is in charge of powering the vehicle’s electrical components, including all the interior and exterior lights. A sure-fire sign your alternator is on the road to death is dimming of these lights. You’ll notice the lights are dimmer everywhere, including on your dashboard.

Lit Warning

Speaking of lights, some vehicles have a warning light to alert you there is a problem with the electrical system. A problem with the electrical system oftentimes indicates a problem with the alternator. If you suddenly see an ALT or GEN light on your dashboard, there could be an alternator problem.

Battery Problems

You head out to your car and it won’t start. You can’t tell if it’s the battery or alternator. Jumpstart the vehicle first and run it until the battery charges. If your battery is the problem, your car will run but you’ll notice the lights dimming; if it’s your alternator, the car won’t start even on a full charge.

Burning Smell

The electrical system’s alternator is attached to the motor by belts. If these belts generate too much friction because something is wrong with them, you’ll smell rubber burning from underneath your hood. The belts might need adjusting or replacement depending on worn they are to fix the problem.

Whining Sounds

No, it’s not your children in the back seat, the alternators interior parts can whine or grind if they are worn or broken. These parts help the alternator generate the electrical current your battery and components need. Failing parts or mount bushings make strange noises under the hood.

Don’t take chances with a failing alternator. You may end up unable to start your car. Again, Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, would be happy to test your alternator to make sure it’s generating electricity and inspect it to ensure the parts and hoses are okay. We are European automotive maintenance and repair specialists. Call us today at 323-928-7393.