5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Drive European

Eurozone Motors is European automobile experts and we believe you would fall in love with a European automobile if you would drive one. We’re not bashing domestic or Asian automobile manufacturing; these manufacturers produce fantastic automobiles. Still, there’s something about European, and when it gets into your system you cannot get it out. Here’s why.

Smaller Sizes

If you drive a huge pickup or SUV, you won’t appreciate this European advantage; if you’re tired of trying to get your vehicle to fit in small parking spaces and safely navigate through tight LA streets, you’ll appreciate this European advantage. European automobile manufacturers design and build vehicles that are smaller than most domestic models and the reason why is simple: European streets are narrow.

This Makes Them Easier to Handle

Smaller vehicles are easier to handle all the way around, including when you need to fit them through tight spaces. But that isn’t the only reason why European vehicles are easier to handle. They are designed for handling because many highways in Europe allow you to drive as fast as you can in certain areas. Can you imagine hauling down the Autobahn at 100 mph in a Dodge Ram? We didn’t think so.


Even if you’re a die-hard domestic automobile driver, and it’s fine if you are, you have to admit that European automobiles are easy on the eyes. These vehicles are designed to impress – even the lesser expensive models. If you want a vehicle that people will turn their heads to look at as you drive by, you want a European automobile. Can a domestic beat the class of a Jaguar or the sport of a Porsche?

Manual Transmission

If you love to drive a stick, you may find more of a selection in European models than in domestic models. Most consumers prefer to drive automatics these days and vehicle manufacturers are answering that call, especially domestic manufacturers. Because European automobiles are sporty, it can be easier to find your perfect vehicle with a manual transmission if you buy European.

Money’s Worth

Finally, if you’ve ever been to Europe you know they pay a lot more for gasoline than we do, which is one reason why more Europeans drive diesel. Well, guess what? Most fuel-driven European models get better gas mileage than domestic, too. Plus, European consumers don’t buy a new car every few years which is why these vehicles are designed to last for years. You’ll get more money out of a European car.

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