4 Signs That Your Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced

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If you’re not so great about sticking to your European automobile’s factory maintenance schedule, your brake pads will tell you when they’re ready to be replaced. You just need to know what the signs are and then take action as soon as possible. We here at Eurozone Motors don’t recommend you wait until you notice any of the following four symptoms of worn brake pads, but we also understand that preventative maintenance may have fallen off your radar. Your brake pads need replacing if they…


Squealing brakes could mean trouble beyond the brake pads, but they, too, will squeal when they are worn down past their lifespan. The difference is when they squeal. Most brake pads have a sensor, and this sensor will squeal once the pads have worn down to it. If you brake pads need to be replaced, you’ll hear your brakes squeal while you’re driving, and the noise will stop once you’ve stopped. 


If your brakes grind when you stop, you’ve already worn the pads down past their lifespan. This is bad because the grinding noises are caused by the steel backing of the brake pads rubbing against the brake rotors. The longer you wait to replace your brake pads the more damage you’ll do to the rotors. The metal-on-metal contact warps the rotors, and you’ll end up having to replace the pads and the rotors.


If the rotors are already warped, your vehicle might vibrate when you brake, as well. This is because the metal-on-metal contact isn’t flush – the parts aren’t designed to fit or work together like that – and you’re damaging your brakes by continuing to use them without new pads. Squealing, grinding, and vibrating are all warning signs that should spring you into action. So should a…

Warning Light

Your braking system has its own dashboard warning light. In fact, your dashboard might have two lights for the system; one for the parking brake and one for the anti-lock braking system. If your brake warning light comes on while you’re driving, not while you have the parking brake set, your brake pads may have a sensor built into them that will turn on the brake light once it’s time to replace them.

Stop by Eurozone Motors in Los Angeles, CA, for a brake inspection if you notice any of the signs listed above. We specialize in European automobile maintenance and repair, so call us today at 323-928-7393.

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