Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drive on Empty

We all do it. Put off going to the gas station. Maybe you pulled into your favorite station only to find all the pumps taken; maybe you don’t have money to fill your tank until payday. No matter the reason, to drive on empty can damage your European automobile. A good rule of thumb is to keep your vehicle filled with gas above a half-a-tank at all times. Even if you can’t do that, try to keep the gas gauge above one-quarter-of-a-tank. Here are three ways driving on empty damages your engine that we see and repair here at Eurozone Motors on a regular basis. 

Fuel Pump Damage

Most vehicles these days are fitted with electric fuel pumps that draw fuel from the gas tank into the engine. When drive on empty, the fuel pump ends up drawing air or an air/gas mixture that throws off the balance in the fuel pump and your vehicle’s engine. The gas the fuel pump draws through to the engine keeps it cool. If it’s only drawing air, the fuel pump motor will overheat.

Gas Sediment Damage

Gasoline contains sediment. It doesn’t matter what type of gas or octane rating you buy. The sediment in the gasoline settles in the bottom of your vehicle’s fuel tank. The lower the gas in the tank the more chance your fuel pump will push the sediment through to the engine. Your fuel filter will clog prematurely trying to prevent the sediment from getting to the fuel injectors, which will also clog.

Accident Damage

Accident damage? Hear us out. As we said in the beginning of this post, we’ve all done this – pushed our vehicles to the almost-running-out-of-gas point, but what if you actually do run out of gas? In Los Angeles. We’re so crowded, driving without traffic is a rarity. If you run out of gas, you immediately become an accident waiting to happen. Not everyone might be able to stop in time before they hit you.

Your European automobile is priceless, whether old or new. Keep it running as should and avoid engine damage by keeping the gas tank full. If you do notice something isn’t quite right with your vehicle, call Eurozone Motors today. We are located in Los Angeles, CA, and we’d be happy to inspect your vehicle to find out what’s wrong so we can fix it. We also maintain European automobiles so you never have to worry about breaking down, unless you run out of gas that is.